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Specializing in the Art of Cutting

& Bringing out the Best in Every Horse and Rider

Whether you're a newcomer to the cutting world, looking to learn and participate in one of the most elite Western disciplines, or a seasoned cutter looking to hone your skills and develop a keen cowsense, Scott Raftery Cutting Horses is the place for you.


Specializing in horse training, "people training", and horse sales, Scott Raftery offers a deep intuitive knowledge and an incredible passion for the sport of cutting.


More than clients... 

members of the family!

"I may not have won a million dollars, but my students have!" - Scott Raftery

Workout Facility

Your Success is Our Pride

Full-Service Training & Care

Our Methods
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Horse Training

Scott Raftery is renowned for his skill in transforming any horse into the best version of itself. From unbroke two-year-olds and aged-eventers, to Open level champions and seasoned weekend warriors, your cowpony is in good hands!


In cutting, the horse's talent is only 50% of the equation. Improve your horsemanship with one-on-one lessons, tailored to your level and needs. Young riders, adults with little experience or advanced equestrians... all are welcome!


Leave your horse with us and rest assured he/she will receive the utmost care! Boarding includes all feed, water, stall cleaning, and daily turn-outs. If you can't make it out to ride, you can always have one of our experienced hands exercise him/her during the week. 

Horse Sales

Interested in buying a solid cutting horse? Looking to sell the one you have? Scott Raftery will assist every step of the way. For buyers, he will scour the market for the horse that best fits your goals, your budget, and most importantly YOU! 

There's No Better Time to Start 


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